Debt overview

Long Term Credit Rating
Long term credit rating (Current)Standard & Poor'sA- (Stable outlook)
 Moody'sA3 (Stable outlook)
Gross debt (reported - inclusive of fair value adjustments) (A$m)5,437
Cash at bank and on deposit (A$m)1,036
Gross debt less cash at bank and on deposit (A$m)4,401
Finance costs (includes non-interest expenses) (A$m)114
Net debt to equity (%)19
Fixed charges cover (R12) (times)3.0
Net interest cover - cash basis (R12) (times)28.8

Debt maturity profile at 31 December 2017

Debt Maturity

Funding sources at 31 December 2017

Funding Sources

Debt capital market geographical diversity at 31 December 2017

DCM Geographical Diversity